Badan Part 3 ULLU Web Series Online All Episode, Review, Cast, and more!

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Badan is a demanding series on the Ullu platform. Recently, Badan Part 3 is said to release online. Did the production release date for Badan Part 3? You will get complete details about Badan Part 3 in this article. Keep reading for more details. 

Badan Part 3 web series on ULLU

Today the trend of theater is shifting from cinemas to OTT platforms, especially after the corona. Badan is a well-demanded series. Badan part 3 is the most searched topic all over the internet. Badan Part 2 was just released a day before on 28 March 2023, Tuesday. It is being liked by people a lot. The wait is for the third part of the series.

The officials have not announced any fixed date for the series. We will update you as soon as the date is released. Part 3 of Badan might come later as the second part has just been released and is still gaining an audience. If you have not watched parts 1 and part 2 of the Badan series, you can watch them on the Ullu app or website. Let us have more details about the Badan series and its trailer. 

The story’s plot is focused on love, cheating, hate, and revenge. It is a mixture that can take you on roller coaster rides of emotions. It has @dult content. It is quite common in web series but watches only if you are 18 years or over. The story starts when a woman attracts a man. She tries to attract him and form a relationship with him. The guy gets serious while, she was not having any such intentions. She just wanted to use him.

Later in the story, it is revealed that the woman was married already. She tries to convince her boyfriend that she wants to be with her. They are seen planning against her husband. She encourages her boyfriend to record a clip of her husband with her girlfriend. Her husband was also in an affair. The story has a lot of twists. Where will the story end? The series is ready to win the hearts of loved ones.  

Who Is Ayushi Jaiswal? 

Ayushi Jaiswal is playing the main role in the web series. She is known for her bold pictures and shoots. She has been seen in similar movies like this such as Charam Sukh and Palang Tod.  She has been in controversy for her bold web series. This was all about Badan Part 3. We will update you as soon as we get to know. 

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