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Anupama Episode 1 A Hindi-language television series was aired on Star Plus on July 13, 2020. Romesh Kalra served as the show’s director, and Rajan Shahi served as the show’s producer. Anupama is the story of a housewife who bluffs for her family on a daily basis.

Anupama Episode

The Star Plus channel airs the Anupama Episode at a time of 10 p.m. from Monday through Saturday. Based on the Star Family Marathi television series Aai Kuthe Kay Karte, Anupama. This show tells the narrative of Anupama, a Gujarati woman who has dedicated her life to her husband, children, and family but who is not appreciated for it. She is merely being derogatory because of his straightforward manner and commitment to her task. This serial has a disturbing plot and based on the life of a mother.

Anupamaa is the tale of a mother who sacrifices all of her hopes and dreams for her family, despite the fact that she still does not receive any respect from them.
In this article we will tell you about Anupama’s new episode so to know more about Anupama Hotstar episode scroll down.

Anupama Episode overview

Serial NameAnupama
Directed byDirectors Kuts production
Online platformDisney + hotstar
Timing of serialMonday to Saturday 10:00 pm
LanguageHindi, English, Etc.

Anupama Episode Update

In the anupama episode of 23rd November 2023 , Anupama tries to awaken Anuj by creeping up on him with a tremendous issue. Eyes open for Anuj. Anupama tears and hugs him. Then, Anuj tries to awaken Nirmit. Then, Anupama informs Anuj that she witnessed some boys dragging Dimpy away. As they seek for her, they each encounter her belongings on the road. Anupama is saddened once she sees Dimpy in such dangerous form. Anuj tells the police that he photographed the goons and their motorcar which he will assist them in making a sketch of the goons.

Anupama laments that she was ineffective to save lots of Dimpy once basic cognitive processes and her spirited behavior. however will a boy do that to any lady, she says once more.

Vanraj says to go away from the house and starts packing his things. Leela queries his destination. Anuj makes requests to the police that they shouldn’t leave the criminals. Inspector asks him to handle his partner as a result she seems to be in despair and responds that they might strive their best. Anupama queries, “Why did this happen to Dimpy?”. Anuj calls it a very frightful act. Anupama sobs, asking what Dimpy would be experiencing if they were feeling that frightful. Anupama speaks at length concerning the sentiments a girl has once somebody touches her or stares at her improperly. Anupama is consoled by Anuj as she admonishes her remarks.

Vanraj is questioned by Kavya concerning feeding Pakhi. Vanraj is cautioned by Leela to not ruin Pakhi. If they facet with Pakhi, in keeping with Kavya, Anupaam’s call to show Pakhi a lesson are for naught. Leela claims that Pakhi can begin inserting food orders once supposing her to be a dhaba (maika). Hasmukh, Toshu, and Kinjal conjointly create an attempt to clarify him. demand that he cannot see his female offspring in would like, Vanraj becomes insistent. He claims to own seen Pakhi place 2 separate food orders since the morning and needs to serve her food from home. he’s robbed of his meal box by Leela, United Nations agency declares that everybody needs Pakhi to become freelance and learn her lesson. Hasmukh asserts that oldsters ought to often be stern so as to discipline youngsters.

Doctor advises moving Dimpy and Nirmit to a stronger hospital as this one deals with such crucial cases often. Nirmit’s condition is crucial with multiple fractures and internal injuries, and Dimpy’s condition is additionally crucial once continual assault. Anuj claims that he had meant to try and do a similar thing, however had instead returned here once learning concerning the native hospital. The doctor advises Anupama to travel and support Dimpy as a result of her repeatedly mumbling Anupama’s name. Anupama is hesitant to confront Dimpy, however she eventually finds the strength to proceed to his space.

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