53 Best Funny Instagram Notes Ideas For your friend 2023 Very Useful

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Funny Instagram Notes Ideas, Best Funny Instagram Notes Ideas, 53 Best Funny Instagram Notes Ideas, 48 Funny Instagram Note Ideas, and 24 funny Instagram Notes quotes to troll your friends for 24 hours. So Read this article till the end.

Funny Instagram Notes Ideas

Instagram recently introduced improvements to its app, and the one that’s getting the most attention is Notes. This feature lets users leave a Message on the Stories of any user they follow or select close contacts; it will stay in their latest Stories memory for 24 hours, and it will feature any responses in the Direct Messages inbox.

We’ve lived through enough new feature releases to know that soon enough, we’ll all be using Notes without a second thought. So why not get ahead of the game? If you’re not sure what to drop for your first Note, we came up with a list of 48 funny Instagram Note ideas — all under 60 characters — to get you started.

Notes were met with mixed reactions. To some, it seemed like a nostalgic throwback — wasn’t this exactly like AIM away messages? To others, it seemed confusing, even frustrating — can Instagram stop changing its interface every five seconds? But even among the less-than-impressed contingent, the feature seems to have taken off. The top of my inbox is littered with friends’ Notes (although many of them are the virtual equivalent of a “what am I supposed to be doing with this?”).

list of the best Funny Instagram Notes Ideas 2023

  1. Brb, letting 21 do something for me.
  2. Finding my big boy for cuffing season.
  3. Feeling like a sexy baby OR Feeling like a monster on the hill.
  4. Googling how tall Messi is.
  5. “Let the rain fall down”
  6. idk my BFF jill
  7. The cuffing-season position is open. Apply within.
  8. My mom said we can hang out if your mom is OK with it.
  9. IM me if ur cool.
  10. What the f*ck, Richard?
  11. “Make Instagram Instagram again.” — Kylie Jenner
  12. Eating the croissant you almost made me drop.
  13. In a silly, goofy mood.
  14. Patiently waiting for “Speak Now” (Taylor’s Version).
  15. She came down in a bubble, Doug.
  16. But where are the Beyoncé visuals?
  17. On my hot-girl walk-in -3-degree weather.
  18. Listening to podcasts because I’m a hot girl.
  19. Anxiously searching for Harry’s personal IG.
  20. I’m just a kid and life is a nightmare.
  21. Googling “Does Edward Cullen have an icicle penis?”
  22. Perfecting my cat eye sharp enough to kill a man.
  23. Googling “Why are penises mushroom shaped?”
  24. Out of texts for the month. Don’t text.
  25. Who wants to be in my top 8?
  26. Cutting my bangs.
  27. Real eyes realize real lies.
  28. R U up?
  29. Dm for foot pics.
  30. Dreaming with a broken heart.
  31. Correcting my Tinder matches’ “your” and “you’re.”
  32. A/S/L?
  33. Who wants to play MASH?
  34. Claire, it’s French. 
  35. You call me up again just to break me like a promise. 
  36. Alexa, play “Cute Without the E.”
  37. You think we’re the same.
  38. The girls who gorln’t, gwarln’t.
  39. ~ white lotus theme song ~
  40. We did it, Joe.
  41. Do you want to form an alliance?
  42. Hey, look at us.
  43. We live in a society.
  44. On Wednesdays, we wear pink.
  45. I, too, have a “heavy flow and a wide-set vagina.”
  46. Hit the cell: 1-900-MIXALOT.
  47. I’ll admit it: I’m sunshine, not midnight rain.

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