LPG Gas Cylinder Price, Subsidy, Cylinder Price Today in India

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The LPG Gas Cylinder Price: in India is set monthly by the government-owned oil firms. Almost every home in India is hooked up to a natural gas line, and the majority of those use it for cooking. An increase in LPG Gas Cylinder Price will have a wide-ranging impact on the average person because they already pay a disproportionate share of rising fuel costs in the current economic climate.

The best part is that the Indian government is currently subsidising the purchase of home LPG Gas Cylinder Price by its citizens. Immediately following the cylinder purchase, the individual’s bank account is credited with the subsidy amount. Depending on the average international benchmark LPG Gas Cylinder Price and the prevailing foreign exchange rate, the subsidy amount shifts monthly.

LPG Gas Cylinder Price

In New Delhi, a 14.2 kilogramme LPG Gas Cylinder Price will set you back Rs.1,053.00 right now. Gas prices are unchanged from the prior month. The LPG Gas Cylinder Price follows changes in the cost of crude oil on international markets. As a result, if the price of crude oil goes up, the LPG Gas Cylinder Price will go up as well.

LPG Gas Cylinder Price today in Delhi

LPG Gas Cylinder Price in Delhi today without subsidyRs.1053.00
LPG Gas Cylinder Price in Delhi today with subsidyRs.1053.00
Highest in FY 2023From January to Mar 2023, Rs.1053
Lowest in FY 2023In April 2023, Rs.949.50

LPG Gas Cylinder Price in india

The LPG Gas Cylinder Price in India is set by state-owned oil marketing firms. LPG Gas Cylinder Prices in New Delhi are currently at Rs 1,053.00, while in Mumbai they are at Rs 1,052.50 due to monthly increases. Almost every residence has a line that runs on liquid petroleum gas (LPG). LPG cylinders are commonly used in the country for cooking.

LPG Gas Cylinder Prices in India are set primarily by two factors: the current value of the rupee against the dollar, and the global benchmark rate. Every family is eligible to get up to 12 cylinders (14.2 kg each) each year at a reduced cost. More cylinders will cost you, but only what the market will bear. The LPG Gas Cylinder Prices in India is set every month based on the global market price at the end of the preceding month.

LPG Gas Cylinder Price list 

CITYJAN 2023DEC 2022
New Delhi₹ 1,053.00₹ 1,053.00
Gurgaon₹ 1,061.50₹ 1,061.50
Mumbai₹ 1,052.50₹ 1,052.50
Chennai₹ 1,068.50₹ 1,068.50
Chandigarh₹ 1,062.50₹ 1,062.50
Bhubaneswar₹ 1,079.00₹ 1,079.00
Jaipur₹ 1,056.50₹ 1,056.50
Noida₹ 1,050.50₹ 1,050.50
Lucknow₹ 1,090.50₹ 1,090.50
Kolkata₹ 1,079.00₹ 1,079.00
Bangalore₹ 1,055.50₹ 1,055.50
Trivandrum₹ 1,062.00₹ 1,062.00
Patna₹ 1,151.00₹ 1,151.00
Hyderabad₹ 1,105.00₹ 1,105.00

LPG Gas Cylinder Price hike

OMCs have increased the price of commercial LPG cylinders by Rs 25. DELHI, NEW Starting on the first day of the New Year 2023, the LPG Gas Cylinder Price (LPG) cylinders was increased by the oil marketing companies (OMCs) by Rs 25. Customers of restaurants, motels, delivery services, etc. will feel the pinch of the OMCs’ decision.

This means that a 19-kilogram commercial cylinder would now cost Rs 1,769 in Delhi, Rs 1,721 in Mumbai, Rs 1,870 in Kolkata, and Rs 1,971 in Chennai. Domestic LPG Gas Cylinder Price, however, will remain the same.It was on July 6, 2022, that OMCs last hiked pricing on residential cylinders.

This past year saw four separate price increases. These oil marketing organisations hiked the price of household gas by Rs 50 in March 2022, then again by Rs 50 and Rs 3.50 in May. In July last year, it increased the price of household cylinders by Rs 50.

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