Shazam 2 Box Office Collection Day 1, 2, 3, 4.., Worldwide Report

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Shazam 2 Box Office Collection:-Shazam! Fury of the Gods” or Shazam 2 is expected to make a sedate debut of $35 million to $40 million at the domestic box office.

India Box Office Collection

Opening Day2.5 cr* May earn
End of Opening Weekend11.30 cr.
End of Week 116.50 cr.
End of Week 221.10 cr.
Lifetime Collection21.10 cr.


Day 117-Mar-2023 (Fri)₹2.5 cr.N/A
Day 218-Mar-2023 (Sat)₹4.20 cr.+40.00%
Day 319-Mar-2019 (Sun)₹4.10 cr.-2.38%
Day 420-Mar-2019 (Mon)₹1.50 cr.-63.41%
Day 521-mar-2019 (Tue)₹1.30 cr.-13.33%
Day 622-mar-2019 (Wed)₹0.25 cr.-80.77%
Day 723-mar-2019 (Thu)₹1.15 cr.+360.00%
Day 824-Mar-2019 (Fri)₹0.70 cr.-39.13%
Day 925-Mar-2019 (Sat)₹1.30 cr.+85.71%
Day 1026-Mar-2019 (Sun)₹1.25 cr.-3.85%
Day 1127-Mar-2019 (Mon)₹0.40 cr.-68.00%
Day 1228-Mar-2019 (Tue)₹0.40 cr.-0.00%
Day 1329-Mar-2019 (Wed)₹0.35 cr.-12.50%
Day 1430-Mar-2023 (Thu)₹0.20 cr.-42.86%

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