World’s Most Populated Country 2023, List, Density, Top 10 Countries

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The world’s most populated country is China according to the 2011 census. Not only in one country but also in the whole world the number of population is increasing continuously. In this post we are going to tell you about who is the world’s most populated country, World most populated country in the world, World population,  what is the growth rate of world population, World most populated countries. To know all about the world’s most populated country Stay with us in this post at last. 

World’s Most Populated Country

The world population is increasing continuously in a very large manner. To keep these records of the population the people did census in very ancient times. The growth of the population all over the world is increasing at a great pace. According to the census and world population index, The country India may have already surpassed China as the world’s most populated country. 

This is according to projections from the world population review WPR. So according to the 2011 census, the world’s most populated country was China but now according to WPR world’s most populated country is India. Currently India’s population is 141.7,00,00,000 as of the end of 2022. India’s population has already crossed China including all the countries in the world.

World’s Most Populated Country Overview 

World’s most populated countryChina
Population 1,439,323,776
Density 153 Per kilometer square
World’s most populated country WPR India 
Difference between population India and China50,000
Year 2022-2023

World’s Most Populated Country In The World 

China’s population as declared in the last month of December is a 141.2,00,00,000 declared by China on 17 January.  When there was the first fall since the 1960s according to the official announcement, the country’s population was very less.  But since World War II the population of all the countries in all over the world is increasing. And now the situation in India is that India’s population is more than China’s.

However this census was not done by an Indian sensor company. It is said that China can again surpass India as the world’s most populated country. But now we can say that India’s population is around equal to China’s. World’s most populated country in the world is China. However the competition between India and China to become the world’s most populated country in the world continues.

Earthat least 7.95 billion
China1.45 billion
India1.38 billion
European Union447,000,000
United States333,334,000

World’s Most Populated Country 2023

So we can say that the world’s most populated country in 2023 is China. Because there are no officials and sensors between China and India. This is only a review which is given by WPR. After a day and a month it can change around one lakh or two lakh. However the data is given by W PR world population review which is an official and authentic data given to the world.

So there is a high competition between China and India. However it is said that one day and two day differences can make the world’s most populated country China or India. Currently the most populated country in China is 1,439,323,776.  The Density (P/Km²) of China is 153. The Land Area (Km²) is 9,388,211.

World Population Growth Rate

The world population growth rate is 0.84% per year from the last year as of 2022. The increasing rate of 2022 to 2023 of world population is not released yet. We can see that the population growth rate in 2019 to 2020 is 1.05%. The growth rate in 2019 is 1.08%. The growth rate in 2018 is 1.10%. The growth rate in 2017 is 1.12%. However the growth rate is controlled around 10 years but is increasing 1% around per year. This is not too high but although this is a world population growth rate is high. It is expected that it can decrease in the 2025 to 2030. 

World Population 

The world population according to the global population index is projected to reach 8 billion on 15 November 2022. According to WPR world population review India is projected to surpass China as the world’s most populous country in 2023. However there is a little bit of a difference of around 50,000 people. China has released the census of China’s members and the population of China is around 17 January.

So the world population is continuously increasing. This world population prospects 2023 was released on world population Day .So this is all about the world’s most populated country. If you like this post then do share with your friends and family. 

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